Detail from the "Sistine Chapel," Otsuka Museum of Art, Japan

The Otsuka Museum in Japan is a curious place. There are hundreds of reproductions of Western Masterpieces, brought to the Japanese public courtesy of Mr. Otsuka, a pharmaceutical tycoon. One can praise Mr. Otsuka for bringing such treasures to Japan, but there is also an oddness to the collection. While the 3 dimensional pieces work reasonably well, the paintings fall flat--they lack the luster of the oils and temperas of not only the originals, but also of painted reproductions. A printed ceramic tile technique was used for all works in the collection--hence my inclusion in the technology segment of the portal. Susan Brown, July 14, 2010

Bullet Train Bento- Japan

This is a bento boxed lunch purchased for consumption on the Bullet train in Japan. It is customary to purchase said bentos for long travel for office lunch, but frowned upon in Japanese society if eaten on a short distance train, or eaten while walking.

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