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A bike with many stories

A bike in Japan

A well traveled vehicle on the streets of Kobe (Japan). worn seats, worn tires, worn fenders ...

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A Handbook of Korea

A Handbook of Korea, Hongbowon, Haeoe Munhwa. Korean Overseas Information Service.

This new edition of A Handbook of Korea is brought to you by the Korean Overseas Culture and Information Service in Seoul, South Korea.

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Attitude, Lin, Mardy, and Leo Liao. Eds. Blackie Chen. China: Sky Digi Entertainment Co.
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Authentic Recipes from Korea

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Authentic Recipes from Korea, Chun, Injoo, Jaewoon Lee, and Youngran Baek. Clarendon, VT: Tuttle Publishing.
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Baseball Saved Us

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Baseball Saved Us, Mochizuki, Ken. New York: Lee & Low Books.
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Beijing's First Movie Theater

Movie Theater

Beijing's First Movie Theater in China

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Bicycle Side Road in Himeji, Japan

Bicycles and Cars coexist in their own space.  Himeji, Japan photo by Tim Jekel

Bicycles and cars coexist in Himeji, Japan. Pedestrians should beware, however, as bicycles assume walkers are wary.

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Bicycles in Himeji, Japan


Row of bikes inside shopping area in Himeji, Japan.

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