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A powerpoint showing how three Chinese classics provide links between contemporary students and the past, prepared by Lisa Trainor

This powerpoint allows the teacher to introduce three important Chinese classics to American literature students. Lisa teaches her class at the senior level. The three works studied are THE BOOK OF SONGS, ANALECTS OF CONFUCIUS and JOURNEY TO THE WEST. The focus in this PPT is on demonstrating how contemporary these ancient works can actually be for U.S. students.

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An's Seed

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An's Seed, Wang, Zaozao, and Li Huang(Illus.). Candied Plums.
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From the Spring 2012 issue of Rethinking Schools (vol.26 no. 3), this article by Moe Yonamine sheds light on the oft forgotten controversy that surrounds the Okinawan military bases that are part of the American military. Acting more as a repressive and neo-imperalist presence in Okinawa than liberators, the American military and their supporters within the Japanese government have made life uncomfortable and frustrating for many Okinawans to this day.

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