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A Study of China : Dynasties, Mao, and Modern China

This curriculum unit project involves a study of the Chinese dynasties, Mao and modern China. Students will take notes and create a group artifact.

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Buddhism - History, Practice, and Art

Students will analyze the history of Buddhism, practice detachment (a major component of Buddhism), and analyze the art of Buddhism.

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Global Development and Economics: Case Study Focus- China

This unit is focused on Economics and Development around the world. China will be used as a case study throughout the unit, in which key terms and concepts will be applied and demonstrated through the country of China. Students will gain an understanding of the global economic structure and will be able to specifically identify with the history of Chines economic policies and regional industrial locations of China.

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Growth of Japanese Militarism & WWII in the Pacific: A Part of a Larger Unit on WWII

This implementation plan is part of a larger unit on World War II. It is conducted in a high school US History Honors class, and it is comprehensive (1600 to the 21st Century). It uses various resources and engaging activities with the students.

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Imperialism and China in the 1900s

This unit is designed to stand alone or be used in conjunction with a unit on imperialism for an 11th grade Modern World History class. It incorporates a variety of activities as well as both primary and secondary sources to keep the students engaged. The unit focuses on the Qing Empire and the effect British and European imperialism has on China and the Qing.

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