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Exploring Japanese Culture Through Children's Literature

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Learning about Chinese Culture and History through Children's Literature

utilizing the children's book "Ruby's Wish", students are introduced to Chinese culture and traditions. They listen to the story of a young girl, who does things a little different from "typical" girls. She continue withthe story of her biography and does things in her own way.

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Panauti School Kids

Panauti School Kids

Panauti, Nepal. This is a photo of a local school in Panauti in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Children go to school from 10-4, Sunday through Friday.

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Teaching About Korea: Elementary and Secondary Activities

Teaching About Korea: Elementary and Secondary Activities, Lee, Yong-Sook, and Jae-Taik Yoo. Korean Educational Development Institute.

This unit includes contents of different aspects of the Korean culture, including daily life, education, recreation, history, etc. Each section includes detailed lesson plans, instructor guides, and supplemental materials. And the lesson plans provided are constructed in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

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