Japanese History and Literature Guide

Jeremy Mangan
Curriculum Review
January 10, 2016
Japanese History and Literature Guide
The curriculum that I chose to review for this assignment was the Japanese History and Literature Guide, which was developed by Columbia University. With in the curriculums introduction it states that this curriculum is “…an excellent resource for teachers of world history and literature courses. The series can be used as part of a faculty development institute, in-service workshops, or as a resource for individual instructors.”
While looking through this curriculum I found that it has extensive materials that could be useful for the classroom teacher. These materials include, videotape clips that identify key historical themes found in Japanese literature, suggested uses for the videos, exerts from Japanese literature that point the time period in which they were written and the historical influence that the time period had on the piece of writing and also small assessments that can be photocopied and used as a check for understanding.
Overall I feel that this curriculum would be very useful for someone who is teaching at the High School level. The curriculum booklet has all of the materials that you would need to teach the unit and it explains each step of the process as you move through the unit. Unfortunately, this unit is too advanced for my Elementary School students.

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