Across Many Mountains

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'Across Many Mountains' is the compelling story of three generations of Tibetan women. What begins as a harrowing journey through the Himalayas to escape the Communist Chinese regime takes us to the present day in the lives of these women. We are first introduced to a young Buddhist nun, Kunsang, who is living in a remote area of Tibet. When it becomes apparent that it is too dangerous to stay in Tibet, Kunsang, her husband and two daughters make the arduous trek into India to live as refugees. After the death of her husband and daughter, Kunsang struggles to provide for herself and surviving daughter Sonam. Then, after years of living as refugees, Sonam finds herself falling in love with a young Swiss student. The couple marries and the personal trials in India transform into a fulfilling life in Switzerland for both Sonam and her mother, Kunsang.
This story is a griping tale of survival written by author and granddaughter, Yangzom Brauen and speaks to the faith, love, and commitment these women share with one another. It is a story of faith and inner strength, of personal identity and devotion to their native Tibet and cultural heritage while living in today's world.