Dragon Ridge Tombs

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TitleDragon Ridge Tombs
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBachang, Tianxia
Series TitleThe City of Sand
Series VolumeBook Two
Number of Pages288 pages
PublisherDelacorte Press
CityNew York

2018 of Note - Freeman Book Award for Young Adult/High School Literature

A treacherous journey to the depths beneath a mountain range, where ancient tombs are certain to contain riches but also rumored to be guarded by merciless supernatural forces.

Self-proclaimed gold hunter Tianyi, who has excellent feng shui skills, along with his best friend, Kai, and a shady antiques dealer called Gold Tooth, have traveled all the way from Beijing to Gulan in search of treasure in ancient tombs. But what they think will be a simple grab-and-go of loot turns into trouble when they are faced with a perplexing labyrinth of tunnels full of unexpected obstacles, traps, and deadly creatures that thwart their advancement, as well as their escape. As if that weren’t enough, the return of their American friend Julie Yang, with whom they faced perils on a previous expedition, leads to a startling discovery–one tied to both China’s ancient past and the Yang family’s history, and one that could very well be the death of them all.

Original PublicationAnhui Arts Publishing House 2006

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