Princess Mononoke

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This anime film is set in medieval Japan, and it depicts the struggle between the environment and the human race's impact on the environment. Personally, I believe that this film could be shown in a high school setting due to some violence. In truth, the violence in the film is depicted in a way that one could view the violence as comical and unrealistic. One thing that I found interesting is the way that the women and men are depicted. This film has a reversed gender stereotype for both the men in women, which could spark a conversation in one's classroom. Another topic that could generate some conversation is how there is not a distinct evil character in this film, because even the "bad" characters have some redeeming qualities. Plus, the ending does not resolve the issue of industrialization versus nature, which allows students to discuss how this might still be a battle in today's generation. This film could be used to introduce a class debate or research paper on industrialization versus conservation. Overall, I enjoyed watching this film, and it could generate various discussions in a high school setting.