Interesting new look at the terracotta warriors

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This documentary takes a new look at the 8,000 terracotta warriors buried with the emperor. It was interesting to see how far we have come in the understanding of how the terracotta warriors were made. Today, companies make replica warriors in various sizes.
As far as using this as a teaching resource, the documentary spends most of the time explaining the process of creating the clay statues and the process of discovering how they were made through different recreation techniques. This could be used in a science classroom to show the different technological advances made in clay figures as well as the techniques to recreate and preserve the terracotta warriors. The documentary focuses mostly on the clay figures and not on the history. I believe that is partly because we are still trying to figure out some of the historical information.
Because this is a PBS production, this would work well in most grade levels. It might be interesting for younger students to see the reconstruction of the terracotta warriors, and older students might be more interested in the science behind it. It was very interesting to see a completed reconstruction of the soldiers in full colors, as they would have been originally created. It is also fascinating to think that all 8,000 warriors were created as individuals.