Review of CHinese Dynasties Par One

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NCTA Curriculum Review: Chinese Dynasties- Part One
Terry Owens
Pine Richland HS
Grades: 10th, 11th, 12th
Subjects: World History, AP US History, AP Government
This Curriculum Unit is well done and very thorough, at least from my limited perspective. There are many activities, some hands-on which are wonderful. It covers all aspects from politics to art. Goals, standard alignment, sources, and lessons are all clearly stated. I would find this very usable if I were to attempt to cover all of these eras.
I am interested in teaching my world history classes more about Chinese culture and politics and nothing separates and allows them to make sense of a broad amount of material than a dynasty by dynasty guide. However, the time period does not fit the needs of my curriculum. But, I am interested in the following sections, particularly. I only wish there was a Part two.
• Chinese writing, ancient text translation activity-this would be a great activity to introduce Chinese culture at any time period and hands on activities are always desirable
• Comparing Confucius, Daoism, Legalism-this would be a great introduction to a discussion on the effects over time on Chinese society as well as an overall discussion of the role of the government in society
• Time Capsule Activity- a great way to summarize previous dynasties as my course starts with the Ming Dynasty/ This would be a good way to introduce the dynastic concept as well as provide background to the Ming period.
• Images of dynasties-visuals always good.