World Cultures- China

China has made a major impact on the world throughout history. From the inventions and goods that came from the country during the Age of Exploration to the goods that are now made in an industrialized China, its impact is felt worldwide. In this unit, students will be covering China’s extensive history very briefly while focusing on major events that made a major impact. Students will cover the geography of China, review the major dynasties from the Age of Exploration, discuss Confucianism and how the belief system had an impact on China’s economy, and review the Opium Wars, the Taiping Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion. Students will also be reading about Communism, the Cultural Revolution, and important facts regarding the country today including GDP, Population and Religious Beliefs. Students will correspondingly look at material regarding China’s One Child Policy and how it has changed since its inception. Lastly, students will be looking over population movement in China and how the rise of industrialization has had a major impact on the geography of China. Primary sources along with newspaper and magazine articles will play a key role in how students will receive information over the course of the unit.

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