Hangzhou 2012 Residential Program Teaching Materials

TitleHangzhou 2012 Residential Program Teaching Materials
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During two weeks of July, 2012 twenty NCTA teachers lived in Hangzhou, China as participants in NCTA's first summer residential program. They were based at Zhejiang University attending a variety of classes, participating in field trips, and exploring the city. The end product of this experience was either a series of discrete lesson plans or a complete teaching unit which, when possible and appropriate, included components based on the Hangzhou experience. These teachers worked primarily at the secondary level and represented ten states, covering both the East and West Coasts as well as the Mid-West. The results of their summer experience can be accessed below in the "Supplemental Materials" section, which will link to materials created by these teachers.

Supplemental Contributions

Members of the community have contributed the following materials as supplements to Hangzhou 2012 Residential Program Teaching Materials.

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A Study of China : Dynasties, Mao, and Modern China

This curriculum unit project involves a study of the Chinese dynasties, Mao and modern China. Students will take notes and create a group...

8 Susan Marie Juza 5/28/13

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A Unit of Study: The Chinese Provinces, Administration Units and the environs of Hangzhou, China

For Grades 4-6. Includes 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the Chinese Provinces and Administration Units and 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the environs...

1 William Franklin 5/18/13

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Part 1 - Urbanization and Growth: The Forces of Change

Using the City of Hangzhou as a case study, high school students will look at how modernization and change in China are playing out on a local...

2 Paul Stayton 4/14/13

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Splendid Scrolls of the West Lake

3 Danyelle Lala 4/1/13

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Chinese Hangzhou Tales Meet American Tall Tales

The West Lake in Hangzhou is famous not only for its beauty but also for its folk tales. Many of the traditional tales from this region describe...

1 Jennifer Kraar 3/26/13

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