Aekyung's Dream

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TitleAekyung's Dream
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsPaek, Min
Number of Pages22
PublisherChildren's Book Press
CitySan Francisco

Aekyung is a shy Korean girl experiencing great difficulty in adjusting to America. She frets about many things, like what language the birds sing and, of course, being called Chinese by her classmates. Interaction with family members prompts Aekyung to dream of King Sejong, Korea's greatest monarch, who admonishes her to "be strong like a tree with deep roots" so that her life may blossom like the national flower. And, in time, Aekyung overcomes her tears and fears, learns English, and gains her classmates' respect through her painting skills.The illustrations are cheery and colorful and reinforce the text to a remarkable degree. Ages 6 & Up. (


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