A Brocade of the Zhuang Nationality

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TitleA Brocade of the Zhuang Nationality
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsXinglang, Wei, and Xiao Ding
Secondary AuthorsJingbo, Sun
Number of Pages38
PublisherDolphin Books

Ages 7 & Up. The story that is told in this book is a story about a boy trying to find the brocade that his mother diligently weaved a quite some time. One day, it is swept up by the wind, and the boy vows to travel the world until he find the brocade. Traversing through dangerous paths and encountering dangerous animals and helpful villagers, the boy travels far and wide until he finally comes to a place where none of us would expect. The writing for children is great, and the artwork is able to create a simple but realistic world that kid's will find worthwhile to immerse themselves in for a brief period of time.


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