You're Never Really Too Far From Home

I was a little concerned about booking this trip in the beginning since I've never been away from home for longer than fifteen days. Fortunately, the days have passed by quickly and each has been busy. I hadn't really thought much about missing home because we've had opportunities for wi fi connections along the way and we've been able to get messages to and from home as well as FaceTime. I did falter a bit the other night though when I stopped in a small bar in Saigon and the Tom Cruise movie "Jack Reacher" was playing. The film was shot in Pittsburgh and the opening scenes feature much of the skyline and city...and I felt homesick...
As fate would have it, the next place I entered was not very crowded, but there was a group of young Vietnamese "twenty-somethings" sitting across the room. One of the boys was wearing a backwards baseball cap. That in itself was not so notable, but this was not your run of the mill Yankees cap - It was a Pittsburgh Pirates' cap! The owner of the restaurant was a Vietnamese woman who was married to an Austrialian man and she had lived in Austrialia, so she spoke English. She translated for us and told me that the boy got the cap as a gift from his cousin who -you guessed it!- now lives in Pittsburgh!


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