Wuzhen and more!

Today we had a packed day starting at 7:30 am. After a 1 1/2 hour bus ride, we arrived at Wuzhen, a canal/river town. The sections we saw were older, with many trade shops. It was fascinating to learn about dying cloth and other trades. I visited probably the one and only Chinese bed museum, and almost literally got lost in the maze of Ming and Qing beds.
In the end we returned to State Street for our last meeting with our mentors. We shared our "teacher" presentation to them, which consisted of a picture show, various sharings and a skit. It was well received. I will have to say that I loved the mentoring program. I learned so much about China from young, hard-working young ladies. They were so delightful and open to our questions. It was amazing, and I truly enjoyed all three visits with them. I do believe this has been the highlight for me so far, but yet it is hard to decide. It has all been fantastic.


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