Welcome to the 2010 Japan Study Tour

Greetings, everyone. Welcome to the 2010 NCTA Study Tour to Japan. I'm Brenda G. Jordan, one of the faculty leaders and Director of the University of Pittsburgh coordinating site for the NCTA (one of 7 national coordinating sites). I'm also a Japanese art historian, with special interest in nineteenth century painting and prints.
I enjoy hiking, gardening and bird watching, and doing mildly crazy things like pose for pictures like the one enclosed (I'm the good looking one on the left). I have a tall, moustached husband (the funny looking one on the right) who speaks Spanish, and passes for Mexican or Chinese in Japan, but really is from Nagano (the Japan Alps). We have a 12-going-on-13 year old daughter, Erika, who is furious that we are leaving her behind this summer. Nevertheless, Erika has instructed me to take all of you to her favorite eating places in Kobe. What with all we have planned for our group, this is sure to be an adventure. Anyone ready for robots, merry-go-round sushi, and gigantic Buddhas?
Brenda (aka the Captain)


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