An Anthology of Chinese Literature

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TitleAn Anthology of Chinese Literature
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsBirch, Cyril, and Donald Keene
Number of Volumes2
Number of Pages582
PublisherGrove Press
CityNew York

Internationally renowned Chinese literature scholar Cyril Birch was the first to assemble the finest translations of these seminal pieces in his now classic and still definitive introductory anthologies. The selections in this first volume span a two-thousand-year period: from the Chou Dynasty (1122–221 B.C.) to the Y’an Dynasty (A.D. 1280–1367), from the ancient Songs to the dramas of the fourteenth century, every major genre of Chinese literature is represented by a crucial work. Highlights include, in addition to the great poems of the T’ang, outstanding examples of Han poetry, Six Dynasties satire, T’ang-sung prose essays and fiction, and the form of lyric known as “tz’u.” --from


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