Lesson Materials

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OSU Summer Seminar 2021: Teaching Confucius in East Asia Summary and Lesson Materials 2 Angie Stokes 08/14/21
Spirits, Monsters, Ghosts, Oh My!: Texts to Understand the Supernatural Japan 1 Matthew Kizior 01/13/20
Treeless Mountain and A Doll's House 1 Theresa Doerfler 01/12/20
The difference between Fiction vs. Nonfiction texts using literature from/based on China, Japan and Korea 1 Kimberly Malcolm 03/11/19
Growth of Japanese Militarism & WWII in the Pacific: A Part of a Larger Unit on WWII 2 Daniel A. Faircloth 04/28/18
Learning about Chinese Culture and History through Children's Literature 5 Andrew Feldman 01/18/17
Elementary Level Lesson Plan - Learning Korean Culture and History via Children's Literature 1 NCTA Work Projects 02/26/16
Elementary Level Lesson Plan - Learning Korean Culture and History via Children's Literature 1 NCTA Work Projects 02/26/16
Grade 4 Lesson Plan- East Asian Fairytales 1 NCTA Work Projects 02/26/16
Grade 2 Lesson Plan - East Asian Fairy Tales 1 NCTA Work Projects 02/26/16
Images of China PDF 1 NCTA Work Projects 02/08/16
Understanding China in the 21st Century 1 Mary Carter 01/10/16
Kelsey Spang's NCTA Unit Plan- WWII Japanese Imperialism and Post-War Japan 2 Kelsey Spang 01/06/16
Animal Themed Kamishibai Unit 4 Lisa Simon 01/02/16
China: Water Issues 1 pamela burrett 10/19/15
Ponyo: Overview & Notes 1 NCTA Work Projects 03/20/15
Japanese Expansionism leading up to WWII 1 Shawn E Zetzer 02/26/15
Preschool Lesson Plan for Kamishibai Man 2 Nicole Aaronson 02/08/15
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya: Overview & Notes 1 NCTA Work Projects 02/06/15
World Cultures- China 1 Larissa Sturm 01/29/15
Porco Rosso: Overview & Notes 1 NCTA Work Projects 01/26/15
Zhou Qin Dynasty Implementation Plan 1 NCTA Work Projects 11/03/14
A powerpoint showing how three Chinese classics provide links between contemporary students and the past, prepared by Lisa Trainor 1 Diana Marston Wood 06/13/14
Imperialism and China in the 1900s 1 NCTA Work Projects 06/04/14
Trade and the Economy in Ancient China 2 NCTA Work Projects 06/04/14
The Ming Empire 2 NCTA Work Projects 06/04/14
Global Development and Economics: Case Study Focus- China 1 Sarah Cannady 06/04/14
Japan’s Rise to an Imperial Power 1 Megan Stasi-Dover 04/15/14
Lost Names - Names & 5 Themes of Geography 1 Aruna Arjunan20 02/10/14
Buddhism - History, Practice, and Art 1 Aruna Arjunan20 02/10/14
Curriculum Unit based on "A State of Mind" 1 Angie Stokes 01/26/14
The Effects of Religion on the Individual Perceptions 1 NCTA Work Projects 11/22/13
China Geography (Focus on Three Gorge Dam) 1 Wendy Moore 11/18/13
Chinese Dynasties, a Thematic Unit for Learning Chinese 4 Yian Ming Rui 11/18/13
Curriculum Plan: Wabi Sabi - The Art of Imperfection 1 Christy Mulhollem 09/18/13
Asian Art-Kamishibai 1 Stacy Wingfield 06/01/13
A Study of China : Dynasties, Mao, and Modern China 8 Susan Marie Juza 05/28/13
A Unit of Study: The Chinese Provinces, Administration Units and the environs of Hangzhou, China 1 William Franklin 05/18/13
Red Scarf Girl: Middle School Reading Guide & Questions 1 Angie Stokes 05/18/13
Imperialism and Nationalism in East Asia and S/E Asia 19th century 1 Candace Slobodnik 05/11/13
Comparing "How My Parents Learned to Eat" and "The Moon Princess" 1 Kaehla Hershey 04/15/13
Part 1 - Urbanization and Growth: The Forces of Change 2 Paul Stayton 04/14/13
Splendid Scrolls of the West Lake 3 Danyelle Lala 04/01/13
Chinese Hangzhou Tales Meet American Tall Tales 1 Jennifer Kraar 03/26/13
Readers Across Cultures : Observing in China and at Home 1 Jennifer Kraar 03/26/13
Chinese Culture: More Than Meets the Eye 2 pamela burrett 03/26/13
Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah (1999) 1 Melissa J Marks 03/12/13
The Importance of China's Educational System from Confucianism through Today 15 Sarah Walls 02/12/13
NYS Global History and Geography: Lesson Plans for 9th Grade Students 1 Kristin Luxon 02/12/13
China's Journey in the Global Apparel Industry: From the Race to the Bottom to the Race to the Top 1 Melanie Krob 02/04/13