Away from Ping Wei

Every year millions of rural Chinese teenagers leave their villages and head to China’s booming cities looking for factory jobs. Known as migrant workers , they are truly the fuel of the Middle Kingdom’s soaring economy. Most work long days and will return home only once a year for the Spring Festival. Away from Ping Wei follows the journey of Liu Yen Twin, a typical teenager trying to establish herself in a fast changing China.
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Away from Ping Wei

Field of Interest/Specialty: SAM
Posted On: 10/29/2020

This short documentary provides in depth yet direct insight to struggles the youth of China faces. In many cities across North America children are raised with many privileges that youth found on other continents will never experience.Relating the struggles to elementary students is often a challenge for educators. This is an excellent clip that allows students to create and draw conclusions for themselves.

Away From Ping Wei

Field of Interest/Specialty: 4th grade
Posted On: 12/11/2017

Melissa Ruehl
Grade 4
Mother of Sorrows School.
This short documentary is about a young girl named Liu Yen Twin's life in China. The film starts off telling about how this young girl left her home in Ping Wei to go and work in Beijing China. She was lucky enough to get a job working at a restaurant. She has to work long twelve hour days. She only makes about $150 dollars a month, which is more than what she would have made in her rural home of Ping Wei. She is extremely homesick and many
children in China leave their homes for jobs and do not return home until the Chinese New year. The film then explains the long process of how Liu Yen Twin goes home and helps here family prepare for the New Year. At the end of the film Liu Yen Twin decides not to return to Beijing. She decides to go to Shanghai because it is closer to her home and she can return home for more holidays then just the Chinese New Year. I would show this film to my class so that they can get an understanding of what life is like for the children of China.