Welcome to the East Asia Gateway for Linking Educators. This site is an online resource designed to promote collaboration and support for the teaching of East Asia among educators. Please feel free to explore and use the following resources on this website:

  • Teaching Materials Database: an online library with books, films, and curriculum materials for your use. You will also find ratings and reviews of these materials, sample lessons, and culture notes, all contributed by fellow educators.
  • Contributed Lesson Materials: this section contains the lesson materials and culture notes that have been contributed to this site by educators. (These materials can also be found through the Teaching Materials Database.)
  • Photo Gallery: here you will find photos for your classroom use, taken by teachers and other educators during trips to East Asia. These can be downloaded for classroom use.
  • Study Tour Blogs: originally created for the families and friends of teachers traveling on study tours, this section contains lively accounts of teachers’ experiences in East Asia. You will find photos, anecdotes, and personal reflections on topics ranging from climbing the Great Wall of China to hiking in the mountains of Japan.
  • What’s New: keep your eyes out for newly added materials to our website—lesson plans, culture notes, photos and more!
  • Recent Reviews: check out newly reviewed books, films and curriculum units by fellow educators.