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Porco Rosso: Overview & Notes

A PDF containing an overview of the film and some culture notes.

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1 NCTA Work Projects 1/26/15

Zhou Qin Dynasty Implementation Plan

Abstract - In this unit, students will explore the foundations of Chinese social and political thought including Confucianism, Taoism, and...

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1 NCTA Work Projects 11/3/14

Identity and Cultural Conflict in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club (Unit Plan)

Unit Abstract:

Using Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club and supplemental primary source documents, students will become acquainted with Chinese...

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1 Renee Patrick 6/18/14

A powerpoint showing how three Chinese classics provide links between contemporary students and the past, prepared by Lisa Trainor

This powerpoint allows the teacher to introduce three important Chinese classics to American literature students. Lisa teaches her class at the...

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1 Diana Marston Wood 6/13/14

Imperialism and China in the 1900s

This unit is designed to stand alone or be used in conjunction with a unit on imperialism for an 11th grade Modern World History class. It...

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1 NCTA Work Projects 6/4/14

Trade and the Economy in Ancient China

Students will examine the effect of the Silk Road on ancient China. In doing so, students will first examine the idea of interdependence and how...

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2 NCTA Work Projects 6/4/14

The Ming Empire

1433 the European world was 59 years away from harnessing the technological advancements necessary for large scale maritime sailing. In Ming China...

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2 NCTA Work Projects 6/4/14

Global Development and Economics: Case Study Focus- China

This unit is focused on Economics and Development around the world. China will be used as a case study throughout the unit, in which key terms and...

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1 Sarah Cannady 6/4/14

Japan’s Rise to an Imperial Power

This unit is approximately five lessons/five class periods and provides an overview of the Tokugawa Shogunate through the Meiji Empire. Students...

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1 Megan Stasi 4/15/14

Lost Names - Names & 5 Themes of Geography

Scenes from a Korean Boyhood is a wonderful book about the Japanese invasion and occupation of Korea from the early to mid-20th century. The...

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1 Aruna Arjunan20 2/10/14

Buddhism - History, Practice, and Art

Buddhism & Detachment - a Unit Plan

Students will be analyzing primary and secondary sources of Buddhism to understand different...

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1 Aruna Arjunan20 2/10/14

Curriculum Unit based on "A State of Mind"

"Another Look at Korea" is a curriculum unit for grades 8-9 that ties a study of the Cold War and the Korean War with the film "A State of Mind...

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1 Angie Stokes 1/26/14

The Effects of Religion on the Individual Perceptions

A unit plan that compares the individual in ancient China and the modern US

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1 NCTA Work Projects 11/22/13

China Geography (Focus on Three Gorge Dam)

The unit is an overview of how humans and the environment interact with each other specifically the costs and benefits of the Three Gorge Dam.

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1 Wendy Moore 11/18/13

Chinese Dynasties, a Thematic Unit for Learning Chinese

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4 Yian Ming Rui 11/18/13

Curriculum Plan: Wabi Sabi - The Art of Imperfection

Curriculum Unit focused on introducing the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi to Middle School students. This unit will focus on introducing middle...

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1 Christy Knable 9/18/13

Asian Art-Kamishibai

Asian Art using kamishibai and sumi-e.

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1 Stacy Wingfield 6/1/13

A Study of China : Dynasties, Mao, and Modern China

This curriculum unit project involves a study of the Chinese dynasties, Mao and modern China. Students will take notes and create a group...

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8 Susan Marie Juza 5/28/13

A Unit of Study: The Chinese Provinces, Administration Units and the environs of Hangzhou, China

For Grades 4-6. Includes 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the Chinese Provinces and Administration Units and 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the environs...

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1 William Franklin 5/18/13

Red Scarf Girl: Middle School Reading Guide & Questions

Attached is a Reading Guide and Questions with page references for the 2008 paperback version of the book. Please feel free to alter and amend...

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1 Angie Stokes 5/18/13