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Grade 2 Lesson Plan - East Asian Fairy Tales

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1 NCTA Work Projects 2/26/16

The difference between Fiction vs. Nonfiction texts using literature from/based on China, Japan and Korea

A lesson plan developed for kindergarten classes but easily modified for other grades. In this unit, the students will explore East Asian culture...

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1 Kimberly Malcolm 3/11/19

1989: A Critical Turning Point in Chinese History: Economic and Political Implications

1989: A Critical Turning Point in Chinese History is a series of lessons to come at the end a unit on China. High school students investigate the...

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1 Emily McAdam 1/17/13

A Cold War unit

Unit on North Korea for high school

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5 Brianne Brown 11/9/11

A powerpoint showing how three Chinese classics provide links between contemporary students and the past, prepared by Lisa Trainor

This powerpoint allows the teacher to introduce three important Chinese classics to American literature students. Lisa teaches her class at the...

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1 Diana Marston Wood 6/13/14

A Single Shard/summary and activities

summary and a variety of activities for multiple grade levels

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1 Katherine Hoffer 9/29/10

A Study of China : Dynasties, Mao, and Modern China

This curriculum unit project involves a study of the Chinese dynasties, Mao and modern China. Students will take notes and create a group...

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8 Susan Marie Juza 5/28/13

A Unit of Study: The Chinese Provinces, Administration Units and the environs of Hangzhou, China

For Grades 4-6. Includes 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the Chinese Provinces and Administration Units and 5-6, 45-minute sessions for the environs...

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1 William Franklin 5/18/13

Animal Themed Kamishibai Unit

This unit will begin with the story, The Kamishibai Man by Allen Say, and a brief discussion about the history of kamishibai tales. Students will...

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4 Lisa Simon 1/2/16


From the Spring 2012 issue of Rethinking Schools (vol.26 no. 3), this article by Moe Yonamine sheds light on the oft forgotten controversy that...

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1 NCTA Work Projects 4/13/12

Around China in Ten Weeks: An Overview Utilizing All Five Social Studies Disciplines

Students will be able to incorporate the five fields of Social Studies (geography, history, government, economics, and culture) in their learning...

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1 Hanadi Shatara 1/12/13

Asian Art-Kamishibai

Asian Art using kamishibai and sumi-e.

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1 Stacy Wingfield 6/1/13

Big Bird in China Culture Notes

This is a review of Big Bird in China with culture notes for teachers.

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1 Brenda G. Jordan 9/16/09

Big Bird in Japan: Review and Culture Notes

This is a review and culture notes for use by teachers.

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1 Brenda G. Jordan 9/16/09

Buddhism - History, Practice, and Art

Buddhism & Detachment - a Unit Plan

Students will be analyzing primary and secondary sources of Buddhism to understand different...

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1 Aruna Arjunan20 2/10/14

Celebration of the Chinese New Year

This is a unit by NCTA alumni Stefanie Best. It was through the NCTA seminar that she had, in her words, "the idea for a unit that would explain...

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2 Stefanie Best 9/14/10

Ceramics Unit for A Single Shard

Unit for art teachers by Malia Bennett in two files, Trinity Area High School (Pittsburgh site)

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2 Malia Bennett 11/8/11

China Geography (Focus on Three Gorge Dam)

The unit is an overview of how humans and the environment interact with each other specifically the costs and benefits of the Three Gorge Dam.

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1 Wendy Moore 11/18/13

China's Cultural Revolution

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1 Reed Miller 6/1/10

China's Journey in the Global Apparel Industry: From the Race to the Bottom to the Race to the Top

Based on Pietra Rivoli's 2009 award-winning of the global T-shirt market and updates of the Chinese apparel industry since 2009, this two-week...

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1 Melanie Krob 2/4/13