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Identity and Cultural Conflict in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club (Unit Plan)

Unit Abstract:

Using Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club and supplemental primary source documents, students will become acquainted with Chinese...

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1 Renee Patrick 6/18/14

Learning from Hangzhou about China’s Economic and Urban Transformation

This unit will introduce students to the transformational changes occurring in the economy, culture and urban life in China over the past three...

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3 Ryan Folmer 1/18/13

The Importance of China's Educational System from Confucianism through Today

Grade Level: 10th Grade Honors English

Rationale: The focus of this class is world literature, while specifically preparing students for...

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15 Sarah Walls 2/12/13

China’s Amazing Grand Canal and How it Changed History

Students will research the development of China's Grand Canal to understand its far reaching economic,political and social impacts

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1 Sara Shenk 1/21/13

Food For Thought: Understanding China Through Food

Students will explore the connections between food, geography and culture, then research the food, geography and culture of a specific region of...

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1 Sara Shenk 1/21/13

Animal Themed Kamishibai Unit

This unit will begin with the story, The Kamishibai Man by Allen Say, and a brief discussion about the history of kamishibai tales. Students will...

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4 Lisa Simon 1/2/16

A Study of China : Dynasties, Mao, and Modern China

This curriculum unit project involves a study of the Chinese dynasties, Mao and modern China. Students will take notes and create a group...

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8 Susan Marie Juza 5/28/13

Global Development and Economics: Case Study Focus- China

This unit is focused on Economics and Development around the world. China will be used as a case study throughout the unit, in which key terms and...

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1 Sarah Cannady 6/4/14

Comparative Perspectives on Chinese Art: Song Dynasty vs. the PRC Today

In an age where artistic expression is ever more accessible through the internet and social media, this series of six lessons examine the role art...

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6 Stephanie Rizas 1/29/13

Celebration of the Chinese New Year

This is a unit by NCTA alumni Stefanie Best. It was through the NCTA seminar that she had, in her words, "the idea for a unit that would explain...

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2 Stefanie Best 9/14/10

Red Scarf Girl: Middle School Reading Guide & Questions

Attached is a Reading Guide and Questions with page references for the 2008 paperback version of the book. Please feel free to alter and amend...

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1 Angie Stokes 5/18/13

Curriculum Unit based on "A State of Mind"

"Another Look at Korea" is a curriculum unit for grades 8-9 that ties a study of the Cold War and the Korean War with the film "A State of Mind...

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1 Angie Stokes 1/26/14

Asian Art-Kamishibai

Asian Art using kamishibai and sumi-e.

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1 Stacy Wingfield 6/1/13

Treeless Mountain and A Doll's House

a lesson plan for secondary ELA students that compares A Doll's House with the Korean film Treeless Mountain to consider working mothers and...

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1 Theresa Doerfler 1/12/20

World Civilizations unit

World Civilizations Intro Unit for 10th grade

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2 Terry Owens 11/9/11

Exploring Japanese Culture Through Children's Literature

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1 Kim Winters 12/10/12

China Geography (Focus on Three Gorge Dam)

The unit is an overview of how humans and the environment interact with each other specifically the costs and benefits of the Three Gorge Dam.

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1 Wendy Moore 11/18/13

Japanese Expansionism leading up to WWII

Lost Names, by Richard Kim, is an excellent narrative of the Japanese occupation of Korea prior to and during the Second World War. To get a...

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1 Shawn E Zetzer 2/26/15