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PRIME JAPAN Documentaries

Field of Interest/Specialty: east asia
Posted On: 01/31/2017

The series, PRIME JAPAN is available on Amazon Prime Video. It is free for Amazon Prime subscribers. The series currently has only one season. In the first season there are six, hour long episodes. Each is documentary in nature. The episodes cover the following topics: 1) Sushi 2) Japanese Ryokan 3) Raman 4) Japanese Design 5) Made in Japan 6) Japanese Tea. Each episode attempts to explore the subject matter from an insider’s perspective. Jonathan Sherr, narrator, visits sites and experiences aspects of modern Japanese lifestyle. The episodes show brilliant visuals of Japanese scenery. The background on each subject is insightful and went beyond common knowledge. The episodes do a nice job connecting our popular knowledge about Japanese culture to their historical origination. This would be a must watch for anyone planning to visit Japan. Much of the episode is subtitled.