NOVA: The Origami Revolution

Year Released
Running Time
60 minutes
Date Released
United States
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Posted by: Beth Nunley

Field of Interest/Specialty: Music
Posted On: 11/22/2019

“Origami Revolution” placed twists and turns on origami in ways I had never given thought! It did start with traditional origami and emphasized that it takes an object and turns it into something completely different. It quickly changed focus from the tradition and dove into the “science revolution” evolving from traditional origami. The DVD discusses art, nature, engineers and designers, computational designs, and the science of medicine.
Some of the highlights of “Origami Revolution” are:
-An artist in France who crumbles paper and makes folds combining geometry, art, and physics.
-Watching nature (plants, animals, and the human brain) transform on screen with continuous folds.
-Engineers and designers applying origami patterns to aid in space exploration and reshaping our world.
-Development of the computational design computer program “Origamizer,” which creates angles and folds.
-Origami stents made of special metal, which unfolds naturally when exposed to heat. This would eliminate the need for a balloon to insert stents.
-Protein origami in which proteins bind to viruses. Designed proteins can be effective drugs.
"Origami Revolution" would be best utilized from the age of high school and up. I enjoyed watching “Origami Revolution" and found it fascinating! I gained insight and knowledge about origami and I am intrigued to see what developments come from this ancient art form in the future.