New Year in Ping Wei

Celebrate Chinese New Year in a rural Chinese Village. Also known as the Spring Festival, New Year is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar, a time when families reunite and mythical dragons dance through the night. Narrated in both English and Mandarin (with subtitles) New Year in Ping Wei follows Liu Yen Twin and her family as they celebrate. From preparation of the family reunion dinner and the symbolic burning of paper money to firecrackers and fireworks, all the traditions of New Year are captured in this colorful sequel to ONE DAY IN PING WEI. (text taken from\%20w-vid.htm)
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30 min
Children of China
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New Year in Ping Wei - Uses in Any Foreign Language Classroom

Field of Interest/Specialty: Foreign Language
Posted On: 11/27/2017

As a Spanish Teacher, one of my objectives is to teach about culture. I strive to stretch students' minds to imagine every day life from a new perspective. This is a paradigm shift for young students, who may not recognize that other cultures do not celebrate Thanksgiving: do not call french fries "normal" food; or do not define "house" as a one family dwelling. I am always looking for examples to broaden students' definition of culture. The DVD "New Year in Ping Wei" is narrated by a young girl. It is in English and Chinese, so viewers have an opportunity to hear the Chinese language. The film documents preparations for Chinese New Year in a very rural town. The DVD includes information about the holiday, food, housing, family, and more. It is well done, and easy to follow, and includes information that both boys and girls will find interesting including the history of fireworks, and decorating for the holiday. Although the film is not about Hispanic culture, Chinese culture can be compared to both traditions in the US and Hispanic traditions. Students can apply their knowledge and experience of cultural comparisons previously learned in Spanish class to the information in the DVD to further expand their understanding of culture.