Children of the Secret State: North Korea

"This revealing documentary contains clandestine video footage shot at great personal risk by a North Korean known as Ahn Chol and by journalists posing as tourists. Through interviews with street children, refugees, and former prisoners, this program explores the plight of youth in the last remaining Stalinist dictatorship and perhaps the most secretive state on the planet. From Pyongyang, to the China/North Korea border, to South Korea, to the infamous prison camps, the cameras expose the truth behind the wall of secrecy that hides a record of 3 million reported starvation deaths in the last decade and hundreds of thousands of children with nowhere to call home. Some content may be objectionable. A Discovery Channel Production. (46 minutes)" (text taken from Films for the Humanities and Sciences)
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46 min
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Field of Interest/Specialty: History
Posted On: 05/13/2019

North Korea is very good at only showing you what they want you to see. This documentary gives you an insider's look into the many human rights crisis within North Korea. The first five minutes are difficult to watch as starving orphan children pick up scraps off the ground as adults push them out of the way. The footage shows what many have assumed is happening in North Korea. Their government works so hard to hide the fact that many of their people are suffering. There is a stark contrast between the children the "Dear Leader" wants you to see and the orphaned children living on the streets. The absolute disregard for human life is disgusting. I am thankful for the secret camera man who risked his life for these images. The areas he was able to film are not even open to aid workers. This film is honestly uncomfortable to watch at times. If you are at all interested in North Korea, you need to watch this film. We can't fix anything if people look away.