Bunraku: Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater

Born in Osaka some 300 years ago, Japanese puppet theater-Bunraku-is a stunning yet refined spectacle. This program presents the story of Bunraku through two of its greatest masters, puppeteer Tamao Yoshida and chanter Sumitayu Takemoto. Brought together for the last performance of the 20th century, these two "Living National Treasures" transform ancient tales of old Japan into vibrant human drama. Cameras go backstage to capture the immense preparations and grueling, rarely seen rehearsals for their exquisite rendition of the masterpiece Shinju Ten no Amijima. (53 minutes, color)
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Films for the Humanities & Sciences
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53 minutes
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Bunraku, Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater DVD

Field of Interest/Specialty: visual art
Posted On: 05/06/2010

Bunraku, Masters of Japanese Puppet Theater
This DVD is suitable for students as young as 5th Grade to high school. The DVD chronicles the Japanese puppet theater known as Bunraku originally from Osaka, Japan. The art is presented by two living masters of the art. You see not only the performance but the behind the scenes preparations. The masters are puppeteer, Yoshida and the “chanter” Takemoto presenting an intense drama. It would be good as an intro for a puppet-making class or as an introduction to Japanese culture for a drama or history class.