Buddha in the Land of the Kami (7th-12th Centuries)

"The history of Japan past and present is the story of the kami, the supernatural, not quite godlike spirits who underlie the Japanese-ness of Japan, who created the Japanese islands at the beginning of time and remain today the ones responsible for health and luck, for success in childbirth and business, for the proper functioning of silicon chips and the uniqueness and unity of the Japanese. This program begins with the creation myth of Japan and explains the origin and scope of the kami concept; explains the arrival of Buddhism and how Buddhism and the kami were assimilated; discusses the role of Chinese culture, style, and writing in Japanese culture; and demonstrates how the Japanese garden epitomizes the Japanese view of the relationship between humankind and nature, space, time, and reality. (53 minutes)" (text from Films for the Humanities and Sciences)
Year Released
Series Title
Japan Past and Present
Running Time
53 min
ISBN Number
VHS ISBN 978-0-89113-177
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