Bridging World History

"Bridging World History" is a multimedia course for secondary school and college teachers that looks at global patterns through time—seeing history as an integrated whole. Topics are studied in a general chronological order, but each is examined through a thematic lens, showing how people and societies experience both integration and differences. The course consists of 26 units (half-hour video, interactive Web activities, and print materials) that can be explored at either introductory levels or as more advanced study. The course videos feature interviews with leading world history textbook authors and nationally known historians. The Web site includes an archive of over 1000 primary source documents and artifacts, journal articles from the "Journal of World History" and other publications, and a thematic interactive activity on interrelationships across time and place." (text from
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Bridging World History 26 part series
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780 min total
Oregon Public Broadcasting
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Bridging World History thirty-minute segments

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Posted On: 06/12/2009

This invaluable resource can be effectively used in several ways by world history teachers. First, a teacher can show the whole 30-minute streaming video (available free online or can be purchased from Annenberg) and use the online teaching activities to preview and analyze the contents of each of the 26 episodes. Second, a teacher could select a relevant section on East Asia and create a lesson around the maps, primary sources (textual, artifacts, and music), and historians' interpretations presented. Last, a teacher could collect several short clips from different episodes to show changes and/or continuities over time in East Asia.