Chinese Dynasties: Part Two: The Song Dynasty Through the Qing Dynasty (960 to 1911)

Parts one and two comprise a prize-winning unit of great value to teachers. Many useful documents and activities are included.
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Enhancing World History curriculum

Field of Interest/Specialty: World History
Posted On: 01/16/2018

Maura Doyle
Oakland Catholic High School
10th Grade World History II
I chose this unit because my school’s World History II curriculum already includes units on the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties in China. However, often I find that my lessons are unoriginal, uncreative, and lack supplementary resources for enhancing my student’s learning. When I saw this curriculum unit in the NCTA library, I instantly knew that this would be helpful for enhancing my class’s study of China.
Overview: This unit contains a rich and detailed four-unit sequence on the late Chinese Dynasties from the Song to the Qing. Each unit has between 5-10 handouts, primary sources, readings, activities. Each lesson is extremely detailed and varied in the types of instructional techniques it uses. It would be appropriate for 10th grades students of any ability level. There are many opportunities for differentiation provided within the lessons.
-This unit has clear and well labeled maps for each Dynasty that will be useful in providing context to students about expansion. This will also provide opportunities to note China’s important geographic features.
-This unit provides age-appropriate readings for students, with vocabulary on the side
-Images for students to analyze in each unit
-Creative activities like Theater role playing, interviews, puppet shows, and scavenger hunts.
-Discussion Questions that are general to allow students to get involved then get more specific towards the content.
-Integration of art and music related content, which tends to be an area that I overlook when planning lessons.
-The materials in this unit could benefit from being updated and digitized. They provide transparencies to use, which is not useful for me. It would be helpful to have some smart board or PowerPoint templates for some of the activities.
-Some of the activities, while creative, were not age-appropriate for my 10th grade students so I don’t know that I would actually use them.
What will I use?
I’m always looking for creative ways to apply the content. I really like that for each Dynasty there is a creative idea. I would consider using the Role Play script and the Scavenger Hunt. Some of these materials I would adapt to be more friendly with the technology capabilities of my school and students. I will definitely be using some of the readings with my students. They are detailed and informative in a way that our textbook is not. Very useful.
Overall the curriculum plan is extremely thorough. In fact, if I did attempt to use it in full, I would not have anywhere near enough time to use all of the resources.