The Bamboo Princess (Kaguya-Hime)

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Bamboo Princess Kamishibai unit

Field of Interest/Specialty: second grade
Posted On: 01/04/2018

Peggy Willard
Second Grade Teacher
Mother of Sorrows School
The Bamboo Princess curriculum unit is based on a very old tale about the Bamboo Princess (or Shining Princess) that explains the origin of Mt. Fuji
This setting of The Bamboo Princess is a mini-unit of Kamishibai for Kids that is useful as a stand-alone lesson or as the basis of a unit on Kamishibai storytelling within a larger study of Japanese culture. The unit is appropriate for many levels from age 5 up to college.
The unit is based on a set of lovely water colored story cards. The reverse side of each card contains the text of the story in English and Japanese along with detailed instructions for reading inflection and dramatic expressive presentation.
The unit also contains a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide which begins with the history and background of Kamishibai storytelling in Japan. Even this story about the original “kamishibai man” – the itinerant candy seller – would appeal to any age.
In addition to the story summary and discussion questions, the guide has an extensive section on cultural background. One can find definitions and cultural symbolism of bamboo, the moon, Mt. Fuji, and the Kimono as well as detailed instructions for creating origami Hinashikishi- framed paper dolls.
There is also a simplified yet complete guide to Japanese language containing symbols and pronunciations for further study.
I loved all the ideas for Language Art, Social Studies and Art connections. My second graders would enjoy this unit very much for the art and story value as well as for the appreciation of Japanese culture. I could also envision this unit as a useful tool for writing, world cultures, art and drama within the entire spectrum of elementary, middle school and high school curriculums.