Red Eggs & Dragon Boats Celebrating Chinese Festivals

"Join the celebration! You’ll discover why children fly kites on Clear and Bright, and why everyone eats fish for New Year’s. You’ll learn about the Hungry River Dragon, and the rabbit in the moon. You’ll share the excitement of firecrackers, the magic of moon-gazing. This is a book about favorite festivals celebrated by Chinese people throughout the world. Here are stories, customs, and recipes for holiday treats. Come and enjoy the fun!" (text taken from
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Chinese holidays, festivals, and culture

Field of Interest/Specialty: Art
Posted On: 10/30/2017

Red Eggs & Dragon Boats is an excellent supplement to teachers interested in the holidays, art, literature, and food of China. The reading level is Intermediate grades, but perfect for teachers familiar with some of the traditions and interested expanding knowledge. I teach about the Chinese New Year, but was unfamiliar with the story of the Kitchen God. I think my favorite information was the recipes that accompanied the stories and art. I found the directions about preparations of food helpful as well as directions about chopsticks and tea. The material is user friendly and interesting to readers of all ages.

Great introduction to Chinese festivals and holidays

Field of Interest/Specialty: World History
Posted On: 12/27/2016

Even though this book is aimed towards children, it includes useful information for adults as well. Each chapter includes information about the various holidays and festivals; such as the Chinese Lunar New Year, Clear Brightness Festival, Full-Month Reg Egg & Ginger Party, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Moon Festival; as well as a recipe and sometimes a story. There are beautiful, colorful pictures included in every chapter as well as a solid introduction to the holidays and festivals. This is a great resource for elementary aged students learning about China and/or world holidays. It is written in easily understood language and is extremely interesting. This is also a good starting place for adults, however to get more in-depth information adults will need to utilize other books and sources.

Red Eggs and Dragon Boats: Celebrating Chinese Festivals

Field of Interest/Specialty: gifted
Posted On: 04/18/2010

This book is perfect as a resource for elementary students in grades 3-6. Students can read about the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Clear Brightness Festival, the Full-Month Red Egg and Ginger Party, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Moon Festival. This book includes information on using chopsticks, drinking tea, and several recipes, with colorful paintings to illustrate each festival.