The Rabbit’s Tail: A Story from Korea

Everyone knows that rabbits have short, fluffy tails. But this wasn’t always the case. In this captivating version of a Korean folktale, a tiger tells a rabbit the story of how he narrowly escaped being eaten by an evil creature. Amazed that anything could scare a tiger, the curious rabbit dashes off to see the creature. The tiger warns him not to go, but the rabbit doesn’t listen and gets himself in a spot of trouble that changes all rabbits forever. Illustrated with dramatic detail and vibrant hues, The Rabbit’s Tail will transport young readers to a time deep in Korea’s folktale tradition. Ages 6 & Up. (
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The rabbit's tail

Field of Interest/Specialty: Spanish
Posted On: 01/16/2018

Janeth Kloc
Pre-K---6th Grade
Cardinal maida Academy
I read this book and thought it was a good book that would be a great book to read to children. I think that it would teach them a lot about conquering their fears and how to cope their fears face on, and also how to deal with situations as they arise.
This story shows that now matter how strong you are or how strong you think you are there is always someone who is stronger.
The tiger being in his comfort zone living in the snow knew he was the fiercest animal and was the biggest and strongest and that everyone feared him. But when he came to the village and heard the baby crying and his mom warning him that the tiger would get him time and time again enraged the lion. The lion thought who dares not to be afraid of me. The lion not knowing anything about the human world didn’t understand that the baby was hungry, and that food would calm him down. So, when the mom gave the baby something to eat (a dried persimmon) it calmed the baby down immediately. The tiger not seeing what it was, made him very afraid of a silly persimmon.
Then when the thief realized that he was on the back of the tiger has enough sense and calmness to keep his mind on one thing how to escape, so he just hung on while gathering a game plan. Sometimes they are curveballs thrown into our daily lives and we must be patient and stay calm to be able get through those times.
Even the rabbit showed no fear of the dried persimmon from the tiger’s portrayal of it the rabbit was curios of what it was that made the biggest, strongest animal scared. Even the thief had a game plan to keep the tiger away from him by trapping the rabbit by his tail, but the tiger wouldn’t have any of it and just ran away from his fears while not knowing what it was. But, the rabbit still had his wits about him and keep trying to get away to be free.
I think this would not only teach the children how to face their fears but would also teach them about being calm and cool in times of duress.