The Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale

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Kayla Thoma ESL teacher

Field of Interest/Specialty: Early Childhood
Posted On: 01/10/2020

The book is about a poor farmer and his seven daughters. Each daughter is named one through seven based on their age. The youngest daughter, Seven, provides for the family by weaving and stitching because their land isn't good for farming. A dragon steals the father and demands that he give him one of his daughter to marry. Each daughter comes looking for the father and refuses the offer until Seven. Seven agrees and marries the dragon. The dragon ends up being a prince and they live in his palace. Seven misses her family, so the prince allows her to visit. Three is jealous of Seven and pushes her into a river. Three takes her sisters place with the prince. The prince knows she is not his wife. He goes out searching for Seven. Seven was saved by a woman from the river. She lives with the woman and helps by weaving and stitching. The prince sees Seven’s work in the market and follows the woman home.
I teach English as a Second Language in K-12. I go to the elementary school, middle school, and high school. This would be a good book to read with the students and compare to other Beauty and the Beast stories. I would read or watch other Beauty and the Beast stories if the students have never heard of them before. We could also talk about similar stories in their home countries. We would discuss what might be similar and different and why they may use certain aspects of the story. For example, the Prince is a dragon in the Chinese story.