Animals in the Stars: Chinese Astrology for Children

Written and illustrated by Gregory Crawford, Animals In The Stars: Chinese Astrology For Children is a fun and exciting picture book that teaches young readers about the Chinese astrological system, which views people born in a given year as having certain character traits. The informative text is superbly enhanced with finely crafted, full-color illustrations, and the mythological anecdotes and legends concerning animal figures are as entertaining as they are informative. Animals In The Stars is a delightful compilation that is a strongly recommended introductory overview for children to the basic principles Chinese astrology. Ages 8 and Up. (
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Chinese Zodiacs Are Fun!!!

Field of Interest/Specialty: 1st Grade Teacher
Posted On: 01/08/2020

I initially was reluctant about choosing this book to read and share with my first graders as some are against “zodiac-type” anything. I find it very interesting. I know my own children, husband, and myself love to read our astrology/zodiak every time we dine at a Chinese restaurant. My sons laugh as according to the Chinese zodiac, my husband and I are enemies. Furthermore, my sons both are enemies—the latter zodiac deems more accurate when my sons fight intensely and often!
I truly enjoyed this book. The illustrations alone are very colorful and vivid. The animals seem real in a vibrant manner. I appreciated the fact that the book not only describes the characteristics of the twelve animals that are included in the Chinese zodiac, but each animal includes a folktale. The zodiac is both represented in a positive and negative aspect, which is based on the year one is born.
My students find it fascinating and were very excited to read their Chinese zodiac and most agreed it was accurate to their personalities for the positive. However, denied much of the negative aspect. That is to be expected with 7-year-olds! This book hooked and held my first graders’ attention. I highly recommend it for elementary-aged students.