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A Cold War unit

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A Handbook of Korea

A Handbook of Korea, Hongbowon, Haeoe Munhwa. Korean Overseas Information Service.

This new edition of A Handbook of Korea is brought to you by the Korean Overseas Culture and Information Service in Seoul, South Korea.

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Along the Silk Road

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Along the Silk Road, Ma, Yo-Yo, and Elizabeth Ten Grotenhuis. University of Washington Press.
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From the Spring 2012 issue of Rethinking Schools (vol.26 no. 3), this article by Moe Yonamine sheds light on the oft forgotten controversy that surrounds the Okinawan military bases that are part of the American military. Acting more as a repressive and neo-imperalist presence in Okinawa than liberators, the American military and their supporters within the Japanese government have made life uncomfortable and frustrating for many Okinawans to this day.

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Camp Bonifas DMZ

Camp Bonifas DMZ

This is the sign for Camp Bonifas, the UN instillation at the 38 parrallel that seperates North and South Korea. This secured military site is considered still to be an active war zone and disclaimers are signed by all visitors. This is the only area in which the North and South are not seperated by minefields or barbwires, just narrow stretch of concrete.

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