Hangzhou 2012 Residential Program Teaching Materials

TitleHangzhou 2012 Residential Program Teaching Materials
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Authorsin Program, Partipants NCTA Hangzhou Residential 2012
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During two weeks of July, 2012 twenty NCTA teachers lived in Hangzhou, China as participants in NCTA's first summer residential program. They were based at Zhejiang University attending a variety of classes, participating in field trips, and exploring the city. The end product of this experience was either a series of discrete lesson plans or a complete teaching unit which, when possible and appropriate, included components based on the Hangzhou experience. These teachers worked primarily at the secondary level and represented ten states, covering both the East and West Coasts as well as the Mid-West. The results of their summer experience can be accessed below in the "Supplemental Materials" section, which will link to materials created by these teachers.

Supplemental Contributions

Members of the community have contributed the following materials as supplements to Hangzhou 2012 Residential Program Teaching Materials.

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Readers Across Cultures : Observing in China and at Home

Reading habits of people in Hangzhou and Shanghai were captured on film during the summer of 2012. This photo essay was shared with elementary...

1 Jennifer Kraar 3/26/13

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Chinese Culture: More Than Meets the Eye

Explore the tangible and intangible aspects of Chinese Culture.

2 pamela burrett 3/26/13

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The Importance of China's Educational System from Confucianism through Today

Grade Level: 10th Grade Honors English

Rationale: The focus of this class is world literature, while specifically preparing students for...

15 Sarah Walls 2/12/13

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NYS Global History and Geography: Lesson Plans for 9th Grade Students

1 Kristin Luxon 2/12/13

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China's Journey in the Global Apparel Industry: From the Race to the Bottom to the Race to the Top

Based on Pietra Rivoli's 2009 award-winning of the global T-shirt market and updates of the Chinese apparel industry since 2009, this two-week...

1 Melanie Krob 2/4/13

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